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Vladlena Kisayeva, 29

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, combined form, severe acute flow, recurrent relapses

Hi! My name is Vladlena, I am 29. And cystic fibrosis is my friend. It cannot be my enemy – you can’t live all your life with a foe. You have to search compromise solutions, decisions, balance and equilibrium state to establish the harmony and good quality of life. Daily treatment became a habit like teeth brushing – a good habit for a chestful breathing and for having all joys of life.

I was 9 months when I was diagnosed with CF. Up to 12 I had only gastrointestinal form of cystic fibrosis but while I was growing up the lung troubles began to develop. Every day I have to make inhalations, to take medications and also I have to take regular courses of intravenous antibiotic therapy. In 2008 I was qualified as a disabled person, I obtained 2nd disability group for life term.

I try to live a full active life, I go in for sports and keep myself in a stable form. I can do that not only because of the treatment but due to my way of life as well. I like jogging, yoga, riding bicycle and skating, swimming. Motion is a life and guarantee of success for every person. It is future health, perfect mood, steady spirit and a really good investment in the future. All my life each day I do everything to make my next day as good as it was yesterday, and even better. And the most important thing is – it helps me to keep my illness as my friend.

Meanwhile I had to quit my job and I don’t work since this June. It’s very hard when you can not have regular therapy of expensive antibiotic medications. It is vital part of my treatment. Frequent shortage of the medications, non-regular supply prevents me from treatment in due time – and such delays in treatment lead to deterioration in condition with regard to the lung form. But nevertheless I never gave up and continued to all the possible to conquer the disease. Now I am preparing the letter to the Ministry of Health Service where I ask the state to provide the necessary antibiotics to the patients with CF.

Your Foundation has already helped me – you’ve purchased the ALV apparatus for cinesitherapy, mask, pulseoxymeter and specialized nutrition “Nutridrink”. Thank you very much!

And now I’ve got the antibacterial medication Meronem in perfect time. I needed the medication for the intravenous therapy not for regular course but for new relapse of my disease that happened in August. And this time the support I’ve received from your Foundation was almost priceless! Unfortunately other antibiotics are useless, they never help to improve my condition. Meronem is the only medication that helps. I want to thank the donators and staff members of St. Luke of Crimea Charitable Foundation for the assistance. I am tremendously thankful for your work and help to the people! Thanks your support I had the opportunity to start in due time the treatment and the fight against the relapse. It is very important for the stable flow of the CF. I can say you “Thank you!” once more and more again!

September 21, 2016
Vladlena Kisayeva