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Assistance to the patients with rare lung diseases

This Foundation program aims on efficient targeted support for the patients with rare (orphan) lung diseases, where the Foundation pays for the life-saving medications-antibiotics, hypercaloric nutrition products, units for noninvasive lung ventilation, medical rehabilitation of the patients including rehabilitation periods after lung transplantation.

One of the most severe lung diseases is cystic fibrosis – a general genetic disease that affects excretory glands and demonstrates the severe dysfunctions of respiration organs.

Pathological disorders in lungs have features of chronic bronchitis with developing bronchiectasia and diffuse pneumosclerosis. The bronchial airways are clogged by viscous puromucous substance. Often patient’s pathologic process in lungs is exacerbated with added bacterial infection (Staphylococcus aureus, Haemophilus influenzae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa) and destruction formation.

Pancreas shows diffuse fibrosis, thickening of interlobular connecting membranes, cystic formations in small and medial ducts. Liver develops local or diffuse adipose and albuminous degeneration of liver cells, shows hepatic secretory obstructions in interlobular biliary ducts, lymphohistiocytic infiltrates in interlobular layers, fibrotic transformation and cirrhosis development.

When the patients has meconium ileus it means that the intestines mucous layer is nonfunctional, the clearance of intestines mucous glands is widened and clogged with secretory eosinophilic masses, locally submucous membrane is swollen, lymphatic clefts are open. Often cystic fibrosis is accompanied by various malformations of gastrointestinal tract.

Join our program. Cystic fibrosis is a disease of children, teenagers, young people and people of middle age. In cooperation we can help to make this disease not so painful, we can slow its development and the main thing – we can give the sick child or adult the precious time and joy of life!