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Natalia Vasilyeva, 32

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, combined form, severe acute flow, recurrent relapses

My name is Natalia Vasilyeva, I am 32. I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when I was 12, and since that time each year of my life is a real gift. I have a daughter, she is 8, and this miracle became possible due to new medications and technologies. Unfortunately, they are very expensive and they are not free for the patients with CF because of the tendency to remove them by generics. I have a great desire to live and to bring up my child and this is quite real perspective.

The older I am the better I feel the CF laws. I can not dare to skip a single medication taking, a single inhalation. I need medications and I am a responsible person who realizes that I can not survive without them. It happened this way and I accepted it. I see the responsibility for the life I’ve brought into world and I don’t want to leave this world before my term, and I will not do that. I want to dream with my child and to celebrate when the dream comes true. I realize that I can not chase my daughter or have long winter walks or to teach my daughter skating or skiing, but there are a lot of things which we can do together without any discomfort.

Hope always live somewhere deep in your heart, hope about some magic pill or other medication that can cure the CF. Every patient with CF dreams of that. Sure, nothing can be better that to swim many meters and have steady breathing, to run head over heels and then to breathe deeply, feeling how the air easily fills your lungs; just to wake up in the morning, to sigh without coughing - because your lungs are free of the phlegm that clogged everything. These dreams are simple and clear, many children and adults dream of that, and every dream will come true. But now I just want to have enough time to inhale the breastfull of air.

Now I need Meronem, antibiotic, to continue the fight with my disease. All other medications are of no use at the present moment – last winter I had very serious relapse of my disease. The state gives free only generics – analogs of the original medications, and they don’t help me, alas!

And the help is especially important when it comes in due time!

I want to thank all the donators and charity providers, President of the Foundation – Markov Oleg Viktorovich, the staff members of the St. Luke of the Crimea Foundation – for your great priceless help in the purchase of the life saving medication Meronem! Each course of treatment gives me a possibility to breathe a bit easier, to have a walk with my child, to feel the life!

Natalia Vasilyeva
October 07, 2016