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Larisa Sokolova, 29

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, combined lung and gastrointestinal form, severe acute flow, recurrent relapses

My dear friends! I want to tell you my story. When I was 8 months old the doctors said that I had cystic fibrosis, a combined form. This disease affects many systems of human body, first of all – lungs and intestine. Organism of a person with CF produces very thick mucus clogging everything beginning from the lungs. This mucus builds up because it is thick and sticky and it is very difficult to let it out. A person with CF gets coughing, shortage of breath and soon the lungs stop functioning. The phlegm that was built up becomes infected. To make it short – you can’t breathe, and it happens constantly, it is your usual daily, hourly condition. I don’t know what it means – TO BREATHE FREELY, with full breast and without problems.

To fight the infection I need expensive antibiotic, Meronem, in large doses. I tried generics, but they make it even worse – coughing and breath shortage only intensify. Such treatment gives no improvement. Medications that are helping are very expensive and the state refuses to support people with CF. In spite of all I don’t lose my heart. I obtained decent education; I have relatives, friends - like you do. God was with me from my birth hour, He sent me marvelous doctors, kind, generous and understanding people who are eager to help!

I am always ready to fight, due to you and your help I hope to survive up to the lung transplantation – because it is the only way I can get rid of my nasty and painful disease. And to see the operation I must not only Believe, but also to obtain full scope of treatment which demands a lot of money.

I was lucky to ask for the help with the purchase of the expensive medications from the Charitable Foundation of St. Luke of Crimea. Now I can answer many questions, for example, about Kindness! It appeared that the world is full of kindness. The disease brings a lot of suffering but the Kind things that people do for the sake of somebody’s Health, for the sake of Life, such things are precious and eternal.

It’s nice to live, and I want to live when I see that people’s hearts respond to problems of other people, when I see that the person can and is eager to save the life of another person!

My friends, I am grateful for you for the Mercy, I am grateful for God for Life He gave to us, and for your hearts that keep the life safe! God bless you!

Larisa Sokolova
August 24, 2016