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Assistance to the patients with surgical or other severe diseases

Severe disease – each particular case means that the destiny of the patient is on the line, a future of the person who needs help in critical situation.

Join us! Our Foundation provides the targeted help for the patients with surgical and other severe diseases. Our aim is to decrease the case fatality of these diseases so we pay for the life-saving medications, medical equipment and devices for personal application, surgical treatment and conservative treatment including high-technology medical care, diagnostics and aftercare.

When a child or an adult person has a recrudescence of the disease the health of the patient can be saved only by early and efficient treatment. But modern efficient medical care often demands significant financial resources. This is the severe truth of our time and our life. Often the patient and his family are short of money to fight for the life and health. Usually the parents give everything they can, sell almost all possessions to save their child. They lose the precious time - and the patient and the patient’s family face the unsolvable problem, helpless.

The only working way out in the struggle with the malady is a voluntary charitable support and efforts of many people of good who are eager to save the patient’s life and health!