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Coverage of the issues of assistance to the patients with severe diseases in mass media

In the course of its statute activity the Foundation promotes and facilitates the production and issue of the registered mass media products including circulations in whole or partially of certain volumes of magazines, journals and other printed periodicals that are devoted to the issues of medical help for the patients with severe diseases.

The Foundation cooperates with all concerned Russian and foreign scientific and research medical institutes, clinics, medical universities and other educational facilities, publishing houses, editors offices and registered mass media.

Assistance in the course of the charitable Foundation program

The Foundation provided the financial support for the production and issue of the whole circulation of the magazine Церковь и медицина (Church and Medicine), № 2 (16), 2016; the magazine is issued by the Chairman of St. Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky) Orthodox Doctors Association (Saint Petersburg). This volume is devoted to the current scientific and practical issues of medical help to the patients with severe diseases.