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About Us

Private charitable Foundation was created to provide the efficient support to the patients with surgical or other severe diseases. And first of all – to provide the support for the children and young people in life-threatening health conditions.

The Foundation is named after St. Luke of Crimea (Valentin Felixovich Voyno-Yasenetsky) — an outstanding surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, Professor and preacher of the XX century.

The members of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation are the famous medical specialists of our times, and this is a real professional continuity of generations in Russian medicine. In addition, the personal participation of the high-qualified medical specialists enables to provide the most efficient and timely help to the patients.

Our Main Aims

  • Fundraising aimed on provision of named support for the patients with surgical or other severe diseases including the patients with rare (orphan) lung diseases.
  • Payment for live-saving medication, specialized nutrition, medical equipment and personal facilities, surgical treatment and operations, including high-technology medical care, diagnostics and medical rehabilitation.
  • Purchase of required modern medical equipment for hospitals and clinics.
  • Payment for the doctors’ and medical staff’s international internship having the purpose to obtain the modern theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.
  • Facilitation of coverage of the issues of assistance to the patients with surgical and other severe diseases in mass media.
  • Assistance to the doctors and medical staff in learning of the current academic and scientific works on treatment of the patients with severe diseases.

Financing and Information Transparency

If you want to help people who suffer with severe diseases especially children, but you don’t know how – the charity is a right step.

From our side we guarantee that all the money that is namely transferred for the patients is spent for efficient medical aid and treatment.

Money transferred for the charitable programs of the Foundation is spent strictly on the realization of the charitable program which is defined in the purpose of the donation.

All money transferred for the statutory objectives of the Foundation are spent strictly on realization of the charitable programs of the Foundation and at first instance on the programs “Assistance to the patients with surgical and other severe diseases” and “Assistance to the patients with rare lung diseases”.

Administration expenses for maintenance of the Foundation as well as expenses for the charitable events are covered from other sources not related with the donations for the patients or other charitable donations.

All information about donations distribution is publicly available at the Foundation official site. The Foundation accounting reports undergo the audit each year. Pursuant to the regulations of the law the Foundation as a nonprofit institution accounts to the Ministry of Justice and the tax authorities of the Russian Federation.

We hope you share our goals and you are ready to join us in saving the life and bringing back its joy to ill child or adult and to make their dreams true!