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About the Foundation

The Foundation was created to provide the efficient support to the patients with surgical or other severe diseases. And first of all – to provide the support for the children and young people in life-threatening health conditions.

The Foundation is named after St. Luke of Crimea (Valentin Felixovich Voyno-Yasenetsky) — an outstanding surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, Professor and preacher of the XX century.

The members of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation are the famous medical specialists of our times, and this is a real professional continuity of generations in Russian medicine. In addition, the personal participation of the high-qualified medical specialists enables to provide the most efficient and timely help to the patients.

How to Help

At the present moment you can donate through bank. You can either transfer the money to our bank account or, just to save the time, you can generate and print a pattern of a bank receipt.

Main Programs of the Foundation

The Foundation also provides